Reverse Osmosis Water

3-Stage 10x4.5 Big Blue GAC CTO Sediment Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges

3-Stage 10x4.5 Big Blue GAC CTO Sediment Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges

3-Stage 10x4.5 Big Blue GAC CTO Sediment Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges   3-Stage 10x4.5 Big Blue GAC CTO Sediment Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges
Food Grade PP - Made of 100% Melt-Blown Polypropylene. The PP filter display different color and tracks the life time as you use, It is time to replace a new one when it is dark yellow or brown. Fits all standard 10" sized filter - size at 4.5" diameter x 10 height. Life time - 6-12 months or 1000030000 gallons (Depends on Usage Amount and Feed Water Quality). Function-Sediment cartridge - is used to remove silt, sand, rust, dirt, and other undissolved particles. It is Installed at the main water supply and produce pure water for your entire home. Enjoy better water from every tap and every appliance in the whole house. Package - All Filters are individually wrapped & sealed and extend shelf life, Flow rate : 5-15 GPM (Depend on Feed Water Pressure). Sediment and GAC Carbon 2in1 Water Filter. Safety Material - Our whole house water filter uses food-grade polypropylene and coconut shell granular active carbon (GAC) with high iodine value (iodine value above 1000). Non-toxic, odorless, no leaching or secondary pollution. Providing a healthy, safe water-filtering experience. Efficient Filtration - SimPure whole house sediment and activated carbon water filters combine two filtration functions, The PP melt-blown can effectively carry out primary filtration of raw water to remove sediment, rust, impurities, colloids, and suspended solids; The granular active carbon can effectively adsorb the residual chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, water-soluble heavy metals, heterochromatic odor, etc; Premium material offers you clean and refreshing water. Long Service Life - The service time is 6 months, or if operating as a single inline whole house water filter, capacity can be up to 30000 gallons or 3-6 months depending on your water quality.

Ensure you flush the new inline filter to drain with at least 5 gallons of water before putting it into operation. High Quality Materials - Membrane Solutions activated carbon filter is made of high quality coconut shell carbon.

Outer layer has food grade plastic net wrapping PP non-woven fabric, which can last up to six months. Easy Installation - Universal 10 inch Cartridge, fits whole house filtration systems of 3M, GE, Culligan, Dupont, Pentek, Omni, Kenmore, Omnifilter, Whirlpool, Filtrete, etc. Easy to install, no tools required. 100% SAFE - Our replacement water filter cartridge is verified by independent laboratory tests.

Drop-in designed for easy and quick filter change. Durable and sealed end caps with sealed silicon O-ring prevent leak.

Provide quite clean and fresh water for your family. 3-6 Month Service Lifetime - Filters up to 15,000 gallons water, usually replace TWO or Three times a year, depending on the water quality and the type of water. It's time to replace the filter when the taste of the water is odorous or the water flow is reduced. Compatible Part or Model Numbers.

I-Spring FP15B / FC15B / F2WGB21B / F4WGB21B. American Plumber WRC25HD / WDGD-5005 / W50PEHD.

Aqua-Pure AP810 / AP811 / AP814 / AP817. Hyd-ronix SDC-45-1001 / SDC-45-1005 / SDC-45-1010 / SDC-45-1020 / SDC-45-1050 / SPC-45-1001 / SPC-45-1005 / SPC-45-1010 / SPC-45-1020 / SPC-45-1030 / SPC-45-1050 / SWC-45-10-0.5 / SWC-45-1001 / SWC-45-1005 / SWC-45-1010 / SWC-45-1020 / SWC-45-1030 / SWC-45-1050 / SWC-45-10100 / SMCB-4510 / CB-45-1001 / CB-45-1005 / CB-45-1010 / SDP-4510. Pen-tek ECP1-BB / 255489-43 / ECP5-BB / 255490-43 / ECP20-BB / 255491-43 / ECP50-BB / 255492-43 / WP. 5BB97P / 355212-43 / WP1BB97P / 355213-43 / WP5BB97P / 355214-43 / WPX5BB97P / 355217-43 / WP10BB97P / 355215-43 / WPX10BB97P / 355218-43 / WP25BB97P / 355216-43 / WPX25BB97P /355219-43 / WPX50BB97P / 355220-43 / WPX100BB97P / 355221-43 / CBC-BB / 155170-43 / FloPlus-10BB / 455905-43 / EP-BB / 155548-43 / EPM-BB / 155782-43 / GAC-BB / 155153-43 / RFC-BB / 155141-43 / NCP-BB / 155398-43.

Culligan RFC-BBSA / R50-BBSA / CP5-BBS / CW5-BBS / CW25-BBS / P25-BBSA. 3M 70020164177 / 70020315159 / 70020170547. Whirlpool WHKF-GD25BB / WHKF-DWHBB / WHKFDWHBB.

GE GXWH35F / GXWH40L / GXWH30C / GXWH47J / GNWH38S. SimPure DB10 / DB10C / DB10Pi-Spring HB18B / WGB21B. American Plumber W15-PR / W10-PR (152014). Aqua-Pure AP801T (5639203) / AP801B (5639201) / AP801 (5585701) / AP801-C / AP801T-C / AP801-1.5-C. Hyd-ronix HF45 / HF45-10BLBK34PR / HF45-10BLBK34 / HF45-10CLBK10PR / HF45-10CLBK10 / HF45-10BLBK10PR / HF45-10BLBK10 / HF45-10BLBK15 / HF45-10CLBK34.

Pen-tek 10 Big Blue filter housings (#10 Big Blue). APEC HBB-10 / HBB-10-15 / HBB-10-34 / HBW-10 / HBW-10-15 / HBW-10-34 / HBBK-10 / CB1-SED10-BB / CB1-CAB10-BB. Most brands' 10" x 4.5" housings (Ace Hardware, Cuno, Flotec, Fulflo, Honeywell, Master Plumber, Omni, Sears, Teledyne, Water Pik). 1 Pack: 1x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown.

1 Pack: 1x 10"x4.5" Sediment and. 1 Pack: 1x 10"x4.5". 2 Set-- 2 Pack: 2x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown. Sediment Water Filters 2 Pack: 2x 10"x4.5" Sediment and. Carbon 2in1 Water Filters 2 Pack: 2x 10"x4.5". 3 Set-- 3 Pack: 3x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown. Sediment Water Filters 3 Pack: 3x 10"x4.5" Sediment and. Carbon 2in1 Water Filters 3 Pack: 3x 10"x4.5".

4 Set-- 4 Pack: 4x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown. Sediment Water Filters 4 Pack: 4x 10"x4.5" Sediment and.

Carbon 2in1 Water Filters 4 Pack: 4x 10"x4.5". 5 Set-- 5 Pack: 5x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown. Sediment Water Filters 5 Pack: 5x 10"x4.5" Sediment and. Carbon 2in1 Water Filters 5 Pack: 5x 10"x4.5".

6 Set-- 6 Pack: 6x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown. Sediment Water Filters 6 Pack: 6x 10"x4.5" Sediment and. Carbon 2in1 Water Filters 6 Pack: 6x 10"x4.5". 8 Set-- 8 Pack: 8x 10"x4.5" Melt-Blown.

Sediment Water Filters 8 Pack: 8x 10"x4.5" Sediment and. Carbon 2in1 Water Filters 8 Pack: 8x 10"x4.5". Returning items should include original package, invoice, accessories. Membrane solutions was established in the United States in 2006 and is headquartered in Texas. Committed to the research and development and production of microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes and water purification products.

Membrane solutions is committed to. Offering our customers exceptional selection and value. Providing the highest quality of service and products in the water treatment industry. Satisfying our customers with superior quality water filtration products that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. F you have any problem of the goods, please.

Promise we will try our best to deal with your problem. We appreciate your patience and supports. Thank you for choosing us and have a great day! This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Kitchen, Dining & Bar\Small Kitchen Appliances\Water Purification & Soda Makers\Water Filters".

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  • Set: 8 Set
  • Type: Water Filter
  • Brand: Membrane Solutions
  • Compatible Brand: For iSpring, For Express Water, For GE, For Pentek etc.
  • Compatible Model: For GE FXHTC, GXWH40L, GXWH35F, GNWH38S;, For i-Spring FP15B / FC15B / F2WGB21B / F4WGB21B;, For Aqua-Pure AP810 / AP811 / AP814 / AP817;, For APEC FI-CAB10-BB / FI-SED10-BB, etc
  • Model: MPP/PGC/CTO-F10B-5
  • Contaminant Removal: Sediment / Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Suitable For: Commercial, Household
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Filtration Method: Sediment/Carbon/Charcoal, Carbon Block, Coconut Shell Carbon, CTO, GAC, Polypropylene, Reverse Osmosis, Sand/Sediment, Sediment
  • Capacity: filter up to 10000~30000 gallons water
  • Color: Gray
  • Manufacturer Color: White / Gray
  • Number in Pack: 1 to 24 Pack
  • Material: 100% pure polypropylene
  • Item Depth: 2 in
  • Item Height: 10 in
  • Item Width: 4.5 in
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Lifetime: Replace every 4-6 months or earlier
  • Certification: NSF; Food-grade; BPA-Free
  • Number of Filtration Stages: 3-Stages

3-Stage 10x4.5 Big Blue GAC CTO Sediment Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges   3-Stage 10x4.5 Big Blue GAC CTO Sediment Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges